Center for Teacher Development and Research

According to Dr. Doug Hamman, the newly created Center for Teacher Development and Research in the College of Education has as its goal to provide an organizational structure within the College of Education aimed at enhancing faculty members’ ability to win external funding aimed at research to improve teacher preparation, and provide services to the K-12 education community in the areas of teacher development and research.

It is increasingly obvious that colleges of education are going to have to generate research dollars to operate teacher preparation programs as state dollars for education shrink. As the public calls for closing colleges of education and as alternative teacher programs out-produce traditional college programs, traditional colleges of education are going to have to prove through research that student learning improves when teachers are taught in colleges of education.

The strategies for success of the Center are to:

  • Collaborate broadly across departments in the College of Education and the university’s other academic units,
  • Partner with local ISDs and other like-purposed agencies to compete for funding and research programs that enhance teacher development,
  • Compete for a variety of research and service funding opportunities related to teacher development and student achievement,
  • Conduct research in teacher development that reflects a sustained line of inquiry pertaining to current policy issues relevant to local, state and national needs,
  • Provide professional development and evaluation services in teacher development initiatives for local and state educational agencies.
  • The College of Education looks forward to research from the Center that will serve to improve student outcomes throughout local, state, and national schools.