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Trenia Walker




Trenia L.Walker

Short Biography: Trenia L Walker is associate professor in Social Studies Education at Texas Tech University.  Current research explores transformative learning theories and the implications for inclusion, technology, popular culture, and globalization in social studies teaching and learning.



Selected Publications:


White, C. & Walker, T. (in press). Media and popular culture.  In W. Russell (Ed.), Contemporary

social studies: An essential reader. Information Age Publishing. (anticipated publication

date 2011)


Walker, T., & Nath, J. (2011). Teaching social studies in Texas.  In J. Ramsey and J. Nath (Eds.),

Preparing to teach Texas content areas: The TExES EC-6 generalist and the ESL Supplement

(pp. 164-289). Boston: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.


Walker, T. (2010).The Red Pill: Social studies, media texts, and literaciesLearning, Media

and Technology, 35(1), 1-14.


White, C.,& Walker, T. (2008).  Tooning In: Essays on popular culture and education.

Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.


Dunn, M., & Walker, T. (2007).Assessment of ELL students with disabilities. In F. Pawan & G.

Butler(Eds.), Collaborative partnerships between ESL and classroom teachers:Helping

English Language Learners succeed in middle and high school (pp. 103 –116). Alexandria,

VA: TESOL Publications.



Selected Conference Participation:


Walker, T. & Diandreth-Elkins, L. (2011, April). Who’s the boss?: An examination of co-teaching

in social studies inclusion classrooms. Proposal accepted for presentation at

American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.


Diandreth-Elkins, L. & Walker, T. (2010, October). Promising practices: A study of inclusive

secondary social studies classrooms.  Paper presented at the 32nd International

Conference on Learning Disabilities, Myrtle Beach, SC.


Walker, T (2010, April). Media use in secondary social studies classrooms: A reality check.

Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference,

Denver, CO.


Walker, T (2009, April). Postfeminist men and the women who love them[selves]. Paper

presented at the Popular Culture Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.


Selected External Funding Applications:


2010    Proposal Author and Principal Investigator (with TTU faculty Leann DiAndreth-Elkins,

            Co-Principal Investigator), Researching and evaluating methods of instructional

            eXcellence (REMIX) in rural schools in West Texas, pending funding

                                                Amount Requested: $338,533

                                                Funding Period: 2 years

                        Sponsor: Department of Education/ Institute of Education Sciences (IES)


Recent courses taught:

  • Feminist Teacher (graduate)
  • Place-Based Education (graduate)
  • Curriculum and the Popular Media (graduate)
  • Issues and Trends in Elementary Education (graduate)
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Secondary Social Studies (undergraduate)
  • Teaching the Social Studies in the Secondary School (undergraduate)
  • Teaching Social Studies at the Middle Level (undergraduate)
  • Social Studies in Elementary Schools (undergraduate)