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Rosa Hernández Sheets, Ph.D., is co-editor of Starting Small: Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades (1997) and Racial and Ethnic Identity in School Practices: Aspects of Human Development (1999). Her award winning book, Diversity Pedagogy: Examining the Role of Culture in the Teaching-Learning Process (2005) demonstrates and explicates the interconnectedness of culture and cognition.


Research Interests


Her research examines, teacher education and explores how successful teachers' respond to children's cultural displays of competency.




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Rosa Hernandez Sheets.










 Her forthcoming (December 6, 2010, Routledge) edited text, Teacher Preparation for Bilingual Student Populations: Educar para Transformar is poised to make a major contribution in the field of bilingual education and teacher education.   


Other topics of interest to Dr. Hernandez Sheets are Diversity Pedagogy,

Teacher Preparation,  Bilingual Education, and Culture and Cognition.


Currently She is also working on developing cultural competency in mentor-mentee dyads in the areas of mathemtics,  science, and bilingual education; and, examining the preparation of teacher educators.  


Recent Publications



FORTHCOMING! December 6, 2010 Routledge

“As an invaluable resource for teacher educators, this book carefully engages the ideologies, structures, and pedagogical conditions that most impact the teaching and learning of bilingual /bicultural students in the United States. Solidly grounded upon the cultural, linguistics, and community values of bicultural populations, it is by far the most comprehensive articulation of a critical bicultural vision and praxis of teacher formation. Moreover, despite these precarious times, it is a formidable tribute to all those who have courageously kept the revolutionary promise of equal education alive for bilingual children in this country. "

Antonia Darder,  University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

The growing number of bilingual students in public schools coupled with a critical shortage of teachers specially prepared to serve this population calls for a critical examination of policies and practices in bilingual and ESL teacher preparation. This volume focuses on understanding the structural, substantive, and contextual elements of preparation programs, and provides transformative guidelines for creating signature programs. Designed to improve the practice of teacher preparation by promoting dialogic conversations and applications of praxis in the preparation of bilingual/ESL teacher candidates, it emphasizes that exemplary preparation of teachers requires transformative teacher educators. Simultaneously organizing the scholarship in the field and advancing new understandings, this book is must-have resource for current and future teacher educators. Contributors include Maria Brisk, Sylvia Celédon-Pattichis, Lourdes Diaz-Soto, Eugene García, Virginia Gonzáles, Guillermo Solano-Flores, Maria Torres-Guzman, Carmen Mercado, Bertha Pérez, Mari Riojas-Cortez, Francisco Rios, Concepción Valadez, and Angela Valenzuela. 






My husband Joseph and I have 2 sons Jaime and Miguel. My husband Joe, an emerging chef, is an avid golfer and crazy about crossword puzzles. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, sewing and gardening. Currently, in my free time I am editing a completed novel written in 1992 but abandoned due to focus on scholarly writing.  


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