Multidisciplinary Science

Secondary Science Education: The multidisciplinary science major is administered in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  Individuals completing this major--both the baccalaureate requirements and the certification requirements--are eligible to teach in all science grades eight to twelve in Texas.  This major requires 57 to 61 semester hours in science.

All individuals in this major are required to complete CHEM 1107, 1108, 1307, 1308,  PHYS 1403, 1404, GEOL 1101, 1102, 1303,1304, BIOL 1403, 1404, ATMO 1300, ASTR 1400 and 1100.

Students will choose an area of emphasis from among the sciences (biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics or life and earth sciences and complete additional coursework.  Students seeking certification must have a minor in secondary education.  Students not seeking certification must have a minor in an area other than education.  The minimum number of hours required for a major in multidisciplinary science is a total of 129. 

Students should consult advisors so that prerequisites and other requirements may be met in a timely manner.  Two semester of foreign language are considered leveling work for this program, unless waived because of two years of high school language.

This degree requires 129 hours and may require either one summer term or a ninth semester to complete.

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