Graduate Admissions

  • Apply though the Office of Graduate Admissions in Holden Hall for “General Admission” to the Graduate school or apply online. Read the Graduate Catalog of the University for admission requirements. A Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University or any other university does not guarantee admission to the Master’s program.
  • The Graduate School has two admission statuses, described briefly here. Official descriptions can be found in the current graduate catalog. The graduate admissions categories are: (1) Full admission to the Master’s program and (2) Graduate temporary (GTMP). Students may enroll as a “Graduate Temporary” (GTMP) graduate student for one semester while awaiting the admission results.

    The College of Education has established a holistic approach to the admission process. If a student does not gain full admission within one semester, he or she will not be permitted to register for the second semester.

  • Once a student is admitted to the Graduate School at Texas Tech, he or she must apply for admission to the Master’s program at the College of Education. The online application can be found at