Educator Certification

Student teacher helping students

Teacher certification is an adventure that leads to a rewarding career. Our goal is to help you become the most effective professional educator that you can be.

Several steps are required to become certified to teach. The following links contain details about the process:

  1. Apply to the Teacher Education Program if you meet the admission requirements (GPA 2.5/2.7 cumulative and in your content area, Basic Skills proficiency as determined by ACT (23 Composite, 19 English, 19 Math), SAT (1070 Composite, 500 Math, 500 Reading), or THEA (260 Reading, 240 Math and 240 Writing), appropriate score on a Pre-Admission Content Test and 45-70 hours of coursework to include at least 18 hours in your specialization field)
  2. Possess such personal and social qualities, and physical and mental health to indicate a fitness for the education profession (see "What Makes a Good Teacher")
  3. Successfully complete your coursework, both in your academic content area and in pedagogy (for information about which courses are required and the registration process, see the certification plans and the online advisement process)
  4. Pass your TExES exams, both in your academic content area and your Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (see certification testing information - please note proficiency in the content area must be demonstrated prior to student teaching by passing the TExES content exam beginning Fall 2013)
  5. Successfuly complete clinical assignments during field experiences (minimum of 30 hours prior to student teaching) and student teaching
  6. Demonstrate proficiencies through a competency-based performance assessment using video and self-analysis through TeachScape as well as face-to-face observations during student teaching/internship
  7. Apply for your teaching certification through the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Student teacher instructing in the classroom

For more information about these processes, refer to:

All are in PDF format.

You may also wish to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Texas Education Agency has launched a new website,, designed to inspire current teachers and recruit new talent to the teaching profession. You may want to visit!

Texas Tech utilizes the annual results on the TEA-administered Candidate Survey and Principal Survey as well as regular conversations with principals about our graduates' performance to improve our program. In the future, gain scores on K-12 student assessments will also be available for program improvement.