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Program Overview


The purpose of this guide is to provide specific information that will assist students as they consider applying to the Superintendent Professional Certification programs in Educational Leadership.  Specific descriptions of courses are in the Texas Tech University Graduate Catalog.  Information about Texas Tech University can be found on-line at  Information about the College of Education can be found on-line at


The TTU Superintendent Professional Certification Program is a 15 credit-hour program.  The TTU Superintendent Professional Certification Program prepares students interested in pursuing careers as School District Superintendents in Texas.


NOTE: In addition to coursework requirements, the Texas Education Agency requires Texas certification as a teacher and principal and at least two years of TEA-approved teaching experience.  SBEC's School Superintendent TExES examination must also be passed. Information regarding the TExES for school superintendent certification and registration materials are available from the College of Education Certification Office ( Phone: 806-752-1997 x 444, Email:, Office: Education 100E)



Admissions and Advisement Procedures


Admissions Procedures


A. Apply through the TTU Office of Graduate Admissions in Holden Hall for “General Admission” to the Graduate School:  Read the Graduate Catalog of the University for admission requirements.


B. Request admission as a “Superintendent Certification” [SUPT] Graduate Student.


C. The standards for admission to the Educational Leadership Program go beyond those for admission to the Graduate School.  Complete the Superintendent Certification application process by submitting recommendation forms and applicant statement to the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research in the College of Education (Online Application:

Student applications will be reviewed by program faculty during the fall semester.  Applications should be completed at least two weeks prior to the review.  The program recommendation regarding admission is forwarded to the Graduate School.


Notification of acceptance. The official letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent by the TTU Office of Graduate Admissions.  Admission is competitive; not all applicants will be admitted.


Appeal process. Applicants who are not accepted into the superintendent certification program in educational leadership may appeal the Education Leadership program faculty's decision.  The first level of appeal is to reapply to the program, addressing the program faculty's reasons for rejection, as delineated in the notification of the rejection letter.  If an applicant is still rejected by the Educational Leadership program faculty, the next level of appeal is the College of Education Graduate Academic Affairs Committee.  In making an appeal to the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, the applicant must address the Educational Leadership program faculty's reasons for rejection as defined in the previous letters.  If the applicant's appeal is denied by the College of Education Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, there is no further recourse for admission.


Advisement Procedures

The endorsement plan (for certification) is the primary advisement tool.  The plan is completed early in the student's program, ideally in the first semester, and provides the listing of required courses.  The student is responsible for keeping the endorsement plan updated and for bringing the plan to advisement sessions.

The student's advisor will provide other forms of guidance as requested by the student.


Continuation of Enrollment
Students who have been granted admission are expected to register in the term for which admission is granted. Any student who fails to register during any one-year period prior to completion, and who does not have an official leave of absence from study granted by the Educational Leadership program and the Graduate School, may be required to apply for re-admission to the program according to the procedures and standards in effect at the time of reconsideration.


Administrative Experience Eligibility Requirement

As a prerequisite the Educational Leadership Program requires that all participants admitted to the Superintendent Certification Program must be actively engaged in a campus or district-level administrative position.  In other words, to be eligible for admission to the Superintendent Program, the applicant must either be currently serving in an administrative position, or have served in such a position in the recent past.



Program of Study


Educational Leadership

(Superintendent Professional Certification)


The Superintendent Professional Certification Program is a 15-hour program. The Superintendent Professional Certification Program is designed to prepare students interested in pursuing careers as school district superintendents in Texas.


The program utilizes study of factual knowledge and theory, as well as internship field experiences, to develop student knowledge and skills. The 15-credit hour Superintendent Professional Certification Program includes the following courses:


Required (15 hours)


EDLD 5380  The School Superintendent and Educational Governance [Offered in Spring Semester]

EDLD 5381  School District Resource Management [Summer I]

EDLD 5382  The Superintendency, Organizational Politics, and Legal Issues [Summer I]

EDCI 5306 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction [Summer II]

EDLD 5394  Superintendent Internship in Education [Fall]


1. Successful completion of the courses above satisfies the academic requirements for the school superintendent in Texas.

2. Professional school superintendent certification in Texas also requires a satisfactory score on SBEC's TExES examination for school superintendents, a valid Texas teacher certificate, a valid Texas Principal Certificate, and two years of teaching experience.

3. Beginning with the 2004 superintendent certification cohort, students should expect to engage in some course work that is face-to-face rather than iTV-mediated.  This is designed to bring all cohort participants together in a single location during the summer (most likely in Junction or Lubbock) for intensive multiple-day face-to face meetings.  Consequently, participants may expect some additional cost and expenses for travel and lodging beyond just normal tuition and fees.


Additional Information


Superintendent Internship(Field-based Experience)

Internship (3 hours). Students complete supervised field-based experiences in the Fall semester.  The internship experience provides for the development of individual district-level organizational leadership skills under supervision of site- and university-based supervisors.



Application Materials

Steps in Application Process

˜Contact Dr. Fred Hartmeister for advisement in the Superintendent’s Certification admissions process-contact should be initiated during the fall semester

˜Submit the Application for Admission to the Graduate School of Texas Tech University to the Graduate School (03 Holden Hall)

˜Submit official transcripts of all college work to Graduate Admissions in Holden Hall.

˜Submit the program application form and applicant statement (3-5 page statement explaining why you are interested in obtaining professional Superintendent Certification to the Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research, College of Education, Box 41071, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1071

˜Have 2 recommendations (see attached form) sent to the Associate Dean of Graduate Education and

 Research, College of Education, Box 41071, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1071.  At least one of the two

 recommendation forms must be completed by someone who either has served or presently serves in a

 supervisory relationship to the applicant.

˜IF YOU RECEIVE AN OFFICIAL LETTER OF ADMISSION from the Graduate School, develop the certification plan with your faculty advisor, who will also advise you on course selection and registration.

˜IF YOU RECEIVE A REJECTION LETTER from the Graduate School, contact the Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research (806) 742-1998, Ext 447 (Ed., Room 110A ) for advisement regarding the admissions appeals process.


Admissions Criteria

1) Interest in assuming an identity as a school superintendent. Indicators:

a) An expressed preference for becoming a school superintendent.

b) Knowledge of school organizational leadership.

c) Employment or volunteer experience in a K-12 school administrative environment.

2) Successful work experience and leadership activities. Indicators:

a) One or more years of full-time work administrative experience.

b) Recognition as a successful employee, volunteer, or instructional leader.

c) Leadership experiences as an employee or volunteer.

3) Interpersonal skills. Indicators:

a) History of positive relationships with peers, professors, employers, friends, and family.

b) Ability to handle stressful situations effectively.

c) No evidence of having behaved unethically.


As part of its commitment to the Texas Tech University policy of affirmative action, and to the professional ethics and values of the field of educational leadership, the Educational Leadership Program strives to seek a diverse student body.